A CRM for doctors. A trusted health advisor for patients.

We are building a connected healthcare ecosystem of doctors, patients, hospitals, healthcare practitioners, diagnostic centres, labs, and pharmacies. Take the first step. Switch from paper records to digital, without impacting your workflow.

Single dashboard. Manifold convenience

All healthcare information. Accessible from one location. For doctors and patients.

Medical History

Go paperless! Access all medical records in an intuitive timeline anytime, anywhere on any device.

Clinical Notes

Doctors now scan, store and secure clinical notes without changing your workflow.

Monitor Online

Track your vitals and health conditions online. Keep track of vaccinations and growth charts.

Second Opinon

Effortlessly share with peers and doctors LAB results, MRI, ECG, X-ray reports, among others.


Empowering our users to make informed choices by making healthcare information easily available, accessible, and actionable.

Our Services

A holistic healthcare platform for doctors and patients, click
to access all our services on-demand.

Smart Design

Create your social profile, choose your website template, click & go. Increase awareness across digital channels.

Smart Records

Digitize all your medical records including prescriptions, lab results, MRI, X-rays. Personalized Emergency Medical Response card.

Smart Connect

Integrate labs and diagnostics in your network. Share records among doctors. Connect with peers or access connected Lab Information System.

Smart Alerts

SMS, in-app notifications, reminders for medication and appointments, doctor follow-ups, health checks.

Smart Chat

Connect with doctors and patients. Chat anytime, anywhere on any device. Voice, video, text. Improve patient engagement and retention.

Smart Schedule

Organize patient appointments, manage queuing system, e-invoicing, financials and billing.

Our Benifits

You're in good company. We've got you covered as we build a network of service
providers to address your end-to-end healthcare needs.

Individual & Family Health Insurance

Navigating today's health insurance landscape is challenging. We make it easy to get a quote for coverage that meets your needs and budget.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose Digiflak Health., you'll have access to programs and tools that help you make the most of your health benefits.

Health Insurance Basics

Walk through the basics of health insurance, how it works and what you need to know.

Living Healthy

Find your best self here. Discover new ways to live an inspiring life through natural beauty, nutrition and diet, an active lifestyle, and better relationships.

About us

Simply put, a productivity tool for doctors and patients to scan, store, share and monitor health information online.

Multi Capability

Digiflak Health is a easy-to-use, independent, integrated and secure healthcare platform that provides:

  • Doctors an efficient practice management solution without any      change in their workflow.
  • Patients access to all their healthcare records, custom      recommendations, reminders, health alerts.
  • Using technology to intuitively capture, preserve, present and      analyze health data for preventive, rehabilitative and operative care.

Functional Details

Smart Analytics

Patient trends information, ailment or symptom based research, macro-level analysis.

Smart OPD Management

Quick patient registration, fast hi-res A4/A5/film scan to cloud, e-appointments, easy billing.

Quick e-Prescription

e-Assessment, optional SNOMED, LOINC codes, drug database, baseline summary creation.

Complete Customization

Custom charting pad, custom specialty templates, growth charts, vaccination schedules, PNDT forms, full control.

Fitness Planner

Customized activity planner, wellness SMS alerts & reminders, bulk SMS, campaigns.

Clean Interface

Doctor and patient mobile apps, easy web portal access, branded patient cards, mobile records digitization.


We are PRO healthcare, a service used by our members for their
Preventive, Rehabilitative or Operative healthcare needs.







Fun Facts

A repeatable, scalable business growing at the speed of our doctor and patient partnerships. Our collaborations further add to this exponential growth.


Our Pricing

Access to our services is attractively priced for individual users, doctors, clinics, hospitals, and labs. Explore our standard offerings or contact us for a custom quote.

  • IDR.200,000 per annum
  • Emergency Response Card
  • Mobile & Web health app
  • Secure medical records
  • Share with doctors
  • Online support
  • X-Ray, MRI, all data digitization (premium service)
  • Call for Pricing per annum
  • Paperless patient records
  • DocAssist + Patient app
  • Connect labs, pharmacy
  • Easy e-Billing, financials
  • Share & Chat with doctors
  • Capacity utilization
  • IDR. 4,000,000 per annum
  • Online LIMS
  • Upload test results
  • Easy & customizable reporting templates
  • Connect with doctors, patients
  • Easy e-Billing, financials
  • Share & Chat with doctors

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